Students May 2017

Testimonials from students who have attended Ravenscroft School of English

‘Thank you for all the fun lessons and for helping me to prepare for the exam!’  (C1 class 2019)

Thank you so much for everything for the past 2 years! I’ve learnt a lot from you and hope I can pass it on to my future students’  (C1 class 2019)

Thank you for being the best teacher that I could have. It’s been an amazing year’ Cristina, Spain (B2 class 2018)

‘I am writing to tell you; thank you for everything. You are an amazing teacher and a wonderful person.  ps easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!!’   (B2 class 2018)

‘Thanks for being a patient and wonderful teacher’ Mari, Spain (B1 class 2017)

‘I may not remember everything you said but I will remember how special you made us feel’   Desiree, Spain (B1 class 2017)

‘Thank you Pippa! I enjoyed so much your classes, you are an amazing teacher who teaches us with lots of fun and great moments!’  Maria, Spain (B2 class 2017)

‘You are one of the best English teachers that I had! Thanks for being patient and for your good mood every day. I will miss you!’  Paula, Spain (B2 class 2017)

Thank you everything Pippa, you are so lovely. I promise you I will never complain about the weather again (but I’m going back to Spain now, so its an easy promise!) Marina, Spain (B2 class 2017)

‘Thank you for the amazing lessons. I have learnt a lot over the last few months’        Maike, Germany (C1 class Autumn 2016)

‘Thank you for everything. We will miss you and we really enjoyed your lessons’      Katie, Germany;  Marina, Italy;   Charlotte, France;  Sara, Spain; Neus, Spain.  (CAE Class 2016)

‘Thank you so much for teaching me English in your nice and cosy classroom and for helping me to prepare for the FCE exam. You are simply the best!’  Aneta, Czech Republic  (FCE class 2016)

Thank you Pippa for a wonderful term. You are one of the BEST teachers who I’ve ever met’   Kate, Czech Republic (CAE Class Autumn 2015)

‘Thank you very very much for this term! Sincerely I learnt a lot, even though I still have to learn a lot.    I really enjoyed your lessons and I am delightful to have met you.  Helene, France  (FCE Class Autumn term 2015)                        

‘I want to tell you that you are a wonderful English teacher and I really liked your classes because everyday I went to my house with something new learned. Thank you!”    Carla, Spain (FCE 2015)

 “Thank you very much for all. It has been a pleasure to improve my English with you”      Ibon, Spain (FCE 2015)

Working together on a Christmas puzzle at our Christmas lunch

‘Thank you so much for teaching me English. You have been a great teacher! I really enjoyed every lesson’.                                              Petra, Czech Republic (FCE  2014)

‘I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for teaching me, for having so much patience with my perfectionism and for advising me so well in the most different kind of topics. I thoroughly enjoy the  lessons with you! ‘                     Anette, Germany  (private student 2014)

‘I really wanted to thank you for your help! As you know I passed my exam and it’s thanks you that I did it                               Ele, Italy   (CAE 2013)    

‘Thank you for your patience, willingness and kindness. But not just for that – thank you for being the BEST TEACHER!’                                                                     Sonia, Chloe, Petra, Aga, Katerina, & Teresa (FCE Class 2013)

‘Thank you so much for  so much for teaching me English so well. I enjoyed every lesson’. Agnieszka, Poland (FCE 2013)

 ‘To learn with you it’s very easy because I know you like to  teach’        Jesica, Spain  (PET 2012)

Thanks to the best and funniest teacher we’ve ever had’  Hele, Alba, Estefania, Katha, Beatriz  (FCE  2012)

‘Thank you not only for helping me to improve my English but also for helping me in  everyday life.’                                                                                                           Marion, France    (private student 2011)

‘Thank you so much for everything. It was never boring, I had fun’                                   Inga, Latvia  (FCE 2011)   

‘Thanks a lot for this wonderful year!! We had a lot of fun!’                                           Ilhem, France (FCE 2011)

‘One of the best years of my life. Thank you very much’                                               Idoia, Spain (FCE 2011)